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Please, Please Like Me lyrics

CD Title: Parade

Go Fish

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I am what I am and that?s all that I am
You can love me, you can hate me
I do what I do and you haven?t got a clue
?Cuz you don?t see what I see

You can write what you write you can say what you want
But you should know it doesn?t matter
I have an audience of one and you?re not Him
So good luck with all your chatter (you?re the expert chatter)

Please, please like me
I don?t think so
My God made me who I am
Please, please like me
I don?t think so
I?m gonna stay true to who I am

One day you?re this and another day you?re that
Like a bed your mind should be made
Don?t try to be like anyone, ?cuz they?re not you
And authenticity will not fade


So will you like me
If I play the game and don?t push your envelope?
So will you praise me
If I play it safe and don?t rock your little boat?
Will you like me
If you get past you and look at who I am?
I wish you?d see me
As a follower of God?s one of a kind plan

I don?t mind if you think I?m wrong
I still know why I sing my song
You can push and pull as hard as you can
I?m on a mission and I will stand