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What Mary Didn't Know lyrics

CD Title: Infectious

Go Fish

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She looked good in my eyes
And in everyone else?s too
She had it all together
At least from other?s point of view
Always the one to be with
And Mary was her name
I didn?t know her too well
But enough to never be the same

She knew the things to say
She knew the things to do
She knew the people to know
But Lord she never knew You

What Mary didn?t know was the answer I was holdin?
I didn?t think she?d change so I never even tried
How was I to know?
I wish I would?ve told her
Now I?ll have to live and die with what Mary didn?t know

She was a seeker, lookin? to find
Some kind of somethin?
And I remember the time
When we were talkin?
Opportunity for me was prime
But I missed, now I look back in my mind

Right on the tip of my tongue was, ?Jesus died for you?
The words stayed right there
I never got through


The day came for Mary to stand before the throne
And as she saw the tears in her Father?s eyes
She cried,?I wish I would?ve known.?

I knew things to say, I knew the things to do
I knew the people to know, but God I never knew You.

Someday I'll answer for. . .