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Running After Me lyrics

CD Title: 26 Letters

Ben Glover

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Here I am again
Oh the same old-fashioned sin
And the same old-fashioned shame
I?m as dirty as the rug
In a darkened alley pub
And I am sick and tired of this old-fashioned game

Will I ever truly understand?
I can hide but you know where I am
And you pursue my heart before I ever get
Too far away from you

And I?ve come so close
But you?ve come so close
And I?ve fought so hard
But you grab me and you pull me back again
And I?ve run away
But you keep on running after me
Running after me

Should I keep falling down?
And make friends with the ground?
And the mud that?s on my face
Do I like my disarray
And the way my edges fray
As I disregard this discomfort and dismay

Will I truly ever understand?
I?m not always the seeker in you plan
?Cause you pursued my heart before I ever
Started chasing after you


Chase me down and capture all I am
?Cause I?m fighting off the will to wander again
Be my retreat, my sweet release, my remedy