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Turn on the light lyrics

JoAnn McFatter

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I read the other day about your glory again
Of your splendor and your majesty
I read the other day about the beauty of your holiness.
And I think I heard my spirit cry.

I heard the other day about Ezekiel's holy vision.
All that he saw in the raging cloud of fire.
Set my spirit spinning, wheels within wheels.
I'm dying to know.


What is it that keeps the elders falling on their faces?
What is it that keeps the creatures crying, holy, holy holy?
What is it that keeps the cherubim,seraphim, and the angels in order?
Oh what someone turn on the light. Reveal your glory.

(Verse 2)

Out of the North, Ezekiel saw it coming.
Four living creatures in a whirlwind of a cloud.
Wheels filled with eyes. The Spirit within them.
Engulfed in a raging fire.
Coals burn a blaze. The appearance of torches.
Oh lightning flashing fire flying all around.
Tumultuous soundings like wings of an army, raging worship I gotta know.

You know we were born to bask in your beauty.
Your very image our pattern of design
To be immersed in the feirceness of the worship.
The craving of our souls. The craving of our souls.