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Come a little closer lyrics

JoAnn McFatter

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Have you ever looked into the face of the one who loves you?
Have you ever locked into His eyes, burning?
Into the mesmerizing flame of invitation.
To the depths unknown. Come a little closer.

Seven spirits burning, burning round the throne.
Seven eyes searching for one who knows, the call of the spirit, deep unto deep.
The mystery of the holy, holy, Burning One.

Come a little closer terrify me.
Come a little closer holy purity
Come a little closer fire upon my soul
Closer, Closer, burning in my bones.

Thy kingdom come thy will be done in me as it is in heaven.
Thy kingdom come thy will be done to me, yeah.
Thy kingdom come thy will be done through me as it is in heaven yeah,
Come a little closer.

Come do your brooding, Hover over me
Take the void you see, make me holy, holy, holy.
The wings of your heart wrapped around my eyes.
Oh let me see, let me realize your reality.