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When All That's Left Is To Believe lyrics

CD Title: Stained Glass

Clay Crosse

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Oh Lord
Sometimes You seem unfair
If You really love me
Why would You bring me here?
Oh Lord

I've tried to do what's right
Why won't You deliver me
From this never ending night?
Sometimes the truth can hurt
But You said it would set me free
Somewhere in this pain
You must have a plan for me

When all that's left is to believe
I give my doubts and fears to You
And fall down on my knees
I may not have the answers now
But You give me what I need
So father I will cling to You
When all that's left is to believe

Oh Lord
Believing makes me see
Everytime I trust in You
Your spirit moves in me
Life's a mystery
And I don't claim to know it all
But I'm certain where to turn
If my back's against the wall

Repeat chorus

Father forgive me
When I lose my way
And love me back
Upon the path
Of faith

Repeat chorus