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We Belong Together (Tarzan and Jane) lyrics

CD Title: All About Love

Steven Curtis Chapman

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Deep in the jungle, up in a tree
In Indiana 1983
Living on pizza and too little sleep
Just me and my animal friends
Then in the distance I saw through the leaves
A creature of beauty like none I had even seen
The trouble started when you smiled at me
And our two worlds came crashing together
And true love slowly began

I am Tarzan, You are Jane
I am the night, and you are the day
We're like sunshine and rain
We're so different from each other
You are woman, I am man
You're the sea, and I am the land
And I would not be who I am
If I didn't have you

I know that somedays we both wonder how
We got together, we're still so different now
But I can't imagine my life without you
Cause all those things that make us so different
Are just what make us all that we are


We belong together