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Next 5 Minutes lyrics

CD Title: Speechless

Steven Curtis Chapman

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Psalm 118:24 / Eph. 5:15, 16

I can reminisce about the already
I can worry and fret about the not yet
But when it all comes down I know it really
Really all comes down to the right now
So right now ...

I'm living the next 5 minutes
Like these are my last 5 minutes
'Cause I know the next 5 minutes
May be all I have
And after the next 5 minutes
Turn into the last 5 minutes
I'm taking the next 5 minutes
And starting all over again
Starting all over again

Every moment God is giving is precious
Every heartbeat, every breath I take
We'll never have them back once they've left us
There will never be another right now
So right now ...

This is the day, this is the hour
This is the moment the Lord has made