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Only Natural lyrics

CD Title: Signs Of Life

Steven Curtis Chapman

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Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest fool of all
You don't have to answer me
'Cause when I look at you I see
A prisoner set free from his chains
Acting like he's still a slave
To the prison he's been set free from
You may say it's only natural for me to act this way
Well I know it's only natural
But I have no been made...

Only natural, only natural
I've got the Spirit of the living God alive in me
Giving me power so I don't have to be
Only natural, only natural

So mirror, mirror look again
You've seen the fool that I have been
But did you see the grace that covers me
Not to do anything I please
In fact, grace is the only thing
That makes me what I am not naturally
It's supernatural power brings life out of the grave
It gives sight to the blind man
And it will not let me stay...


I know that on my own I'm only human naturally
But I've got the Spirit of the living God alive in me
GIving me power so I don't have to be...

Only natural, only natural