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Children of the Burning Heart lyrics

CD Title: Signs Of Life

Steven Curtis Chapman

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We were the dreamers, the boys on the wild frontier
The new believers with nothing in the world to fear
We had discovered the treasure of
the love and the grace of God
And it burned like a fire in
our hearts and we would...

Throw back our heads and run with the passion
Through the fields of forgiveness and grace
We carried the eternal flame
With an undying hope and a blazing conviction
Of a truth that would never fake
We were glowing in the dark
Children of the burning herat

And now for the dreamers, and
those who have dared to believe
The galesm call us deeper into the great mystery
For as we draw near to the Father
we are lost in this one desire
To be wholy consumed by His fire, so let us..


So come on let's
Keep on glowing in the dark
Children of the burning heart