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Dragon lyrics

CD Title: Unveiled Hope

Michael Card

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A vile, enormous dragon
With heads and horns and crowns
And a tail that swept the stars from heaven
And cruelly cast them down
He lurked before the woman about to bear her Son
The One who'll rule the nations with a rod of iron

Now has come our salvation
The power and the kingdom of God
For the dragon is defeated
By the Word and the blood of the Lamb

Behold, a war in heaven
Reflected here on earth
And Michael and his angels
Fought for all their worth
That wicked ancient serpent who leads the world astray
The accuser of the brethren was beaten from the fray


Rejoice then, oh ye heavens
But woe to the earth and sky
For he is filled, filled with fury
He knows his time is brief
Cause he knows his time is brief