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Close of Autumn lyrics

CD Title: Caedmon's Call

Caedmons Call

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When I'm cold and alone all I want is my freedom
And a sudden gust of gravity
I stop wailing and kicking
Just to let this water cover me, cover me
Only if I rest my arms, rest my mind
You'll overcome me and swell up around me
With my fighting so vain, with my vanity so fought
I'm rolling over

'Cause in just the same way
That the stream becomes swollen
Swollen with cold up over the ground
When my heart draws close to the close of autumn
Your love, your love abounds

All the time I'm thinking
Wondering how would it be
To breathe in deep
I guess I need to be careful when I ask for a drink
(Just might get what I ask for)
And I know just what You'd say to me
That's why I don't ask You
What would I ask You?
I'm like a bullheaded boy these days
Crying my toy's gone. . .
You're shiny and new


Guess I'll drop my anger here
Before I float away
And the chains around me
An awful lot of talking
I don't leave You much to say
You didn't ever leave me

And my greatest fear
Was You'd leave me here
A long time back my feet
Could touch the bottom