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Sufficiency of Grace lyrics

Greg Long

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>John Barnett</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

This may be the last of clear blue skies
There may be a storm on the horizon.
I can't see it.
There may be a hole above my bed.
The rain might be falling on my head,
But I can't feel it.

If there is a shadow, I can't see it.
If this is my cup, I'll learn to drink it.
If there is a purpose, You'll reveal it.
But for today, I've found my place
In the sufficiency of grace.
In the sufficiency of grace.

Some people may say I'm in denial.
I just let them talk and all the while,
I can't hear it.
This trouble can seem so limitless.
This world may be full of bitterness,
But I can't taste it.


No need to explain my strange behavior.
It's only that I have found a Savior.
In my lowest place I've found His favor.
His favor.