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Psalm 102 (Hear Our Cry) lyrics

Kevin Prosch

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>AT</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

Let this song be sung
For people You raise
No yet not created
They may give You praise
You look down from heaven
Your sanctuary high
Heard the groans of the prisoners
And those condemned to die

And we say
Hear our cry for help O Lord
Do not hide Your face from us
We are in need
You will rise up and have compassion
For the oppointed time has come
The time has come to show Your favor
And the nations will fear Your name O Lord
And we call out Your name
You never change
You have no shadow of turning at all
And we lift up our cry into the night
Ask for the captives to be
Loosed from their chains

Do You remember Lord
The promises that You've made
Or have You forgotten
Those who are enslaved
Although our sins
They testify against us
Do something Lord
For the sake of Your name

Have I not said
If you call out My name
And let your tears flow
Like a river untamed
You must cry out in the night
As the watches begin
And pour out your hearts
For I hear my friends
And the breath of the Bride Groom
Will come upon you
And I will annoint you
To preach to the poor
To relieve the oppressed
And give sight to the blind
To proclaim to the prisoners
they won't be left behind