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I Really Love You lyrics

Kevin Prosch

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>AT</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

Lead me not into temptation
But deliver me from evil
I shall not want
You lead me beside still waters
There You restore my broken soul
And the path to You is never easy God
Seems the struggles have been there all my life
I finally found the One worth living for
I wanna tell You tonight that

I really love You
I really want You God
I really love You
I really want You

It's a cry I've had all my life
To be loved by someone
For once maybe just once
To do something right
Sometimes it seems it's all I can do
To just keep my head above the surface
The shame weighs me down so deep sometimes
And my weakness always seems to bring me down
But look at You here You are again

Talking to me walking with me
You never let me down
But God this place
This place that we have together
Is almost like a fairy tale
But it's so real now
You're becoming so real
I can feel You in my bones God