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God Is So Good lyrics

Kevin Prosch

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He rides upon the winds of the west
He is exalted by His name
He walkes in the midst of the storms of fire
To be His son's is our desire
He reigns on high in majesty
And the widow's head God You cause to sing
You hear the cry at the fatherless
And the depths of Your love who can comprehend

For the natural things speak of the invisible
Look around and see
Who could deny the wonder of His love

God is so good
God is so good

I had nothing to bring but my iniquities
But You send Your rain and love all over me
Oh the recklessness of Your mercy
Come and see the great things God has done for me
You look at me like I look at Your Son
And Your heart as big as the sea
Gos is so good so good so good
God is so good