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Heaven Is Counting On You lyrics

CD Title: Concert Of A Lifetime

Ray Boltz

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We are standing at the end of time
We are part of a grand design
We are grateful to a risen Lord
For the others who have gone on before

I hear voices up there in the heavenlies
They are calling calling to you and to me
Saying rise up there is a world you can win

I hear them saying again and again

Heaven is counting on you
Run with a heart that is true
Carry the cross
Reaching the lost
Heaven is counting on you

Many suffered friends even gave their lives
For the message of our Lord Jesus Christ
Now they?re watching they?re seated high up above
Shouting to us as we run


There is a race
There is a prize
There is a price to pay
And the saints beyond
Are cheering us on today


Oh can you hear them in heaven
Run with a heart that is true
We?ve got to reach the lost
We?ve got to carry the cross
Cause they?re counting
Counting on you