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I Go To The River lyrics

CD Title: Concert Of A Lifetime

Ray Boltz

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I have walked in a garden
The morning after the rain
I have watched in silent wonder
As everything changed
Oh, what a gift from the Father
Is the Water of Life
Like a river that flows
Deep in my soul
It?s from an endless supply

Where do I go when I?m thirsty and dry
I go to the river and I always find
Rest for my soul
Peace for my mind
I go to the river

When Jesus prayed in the garden
His brow was furrowed with pain
And what appeared to be drops of blood
Were falling down like the rain
He found strength for the journey
He found it down on His knees
And where He knelt a river flows
And it flows for you and me


What do I do when I?m covered with stains
I go to the river and I wash them away
Everything?s new
Everything?s changed
I go to the river

It?s a river of healing
It?s a river of faith
It?s a river of gladness
It?s a river of grace
It?s a river of mercy
It?s a river of love
It?s a river of freedom
It?s a river of blood