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I've Come To Serve lyrics

CD Title: Concert Of A Lifetime

Ray Boltz

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The disciples were assembled in the upper room
They didn?t know that Jesus would be leaving very soon
They talked about His Kingdom as they readied for the feast
Who would be the greatest and who would be the least

One said if there is a greatest I hope I?m the one
Others talked of miracles they had seen or done
And no one noticed Jesus as He rose up from His seat
Until he knelt before them and began to wash their feet

I?ve come to serve you
I?ve some to serve you
And if you know my Father?s love
The way you say you do
Then you will serve each other too

I wish I could have been there to see the look on each man?s face
A single act of service puts us all back in our place
For though we?re called to minister and do miracles in His name
Remember when you?re sent by Him the reason that He came


Oh you will serve each other too