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Weak at the Knees lyrics

CD Title: Again, For the First Time


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you found me broke last week
weak at the knees
oh, oh, oh
collectors' been callin' me
say you better pay up what you owe
and I dont know how
I dont know how I'll make it out

this hole is big and my list is starting to burn out, burn out
Now its affecting me
guess im my worst enemy
grasping for anything
but I cant breathe
oh, no
and I dont know how
I dont know how Ill make it out
This hole is big and my light is starting to burn out
burn out
how did I get to this
the end of the line I guess
But I dont know how
I dont know

but I wont let go cause something inside me is saying hold on
just for one more night
I cant explain it but something is telling me it's alright
It's alright you found me, you found me
you found me
oh, oh, oh