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Reasons lyrics

CD Title: Bleach


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Is this not what you wanted
Or is this gonna be
Something that was started when I was only three
Just a small boy singing, sitting on the couch spinning
Records going round and round, records going round

Reasons calling he?s been calling me
He won?t ever, He won?t go away

I didn?t seem to notice, that you we?re right behind me
Even when I?m not aware of, you pick me up and get me started
Dressing up for the part of a picture that my mom is hoping
That the film will turn out right, That the film will turn out


I want to thank you, for all you?ve done and will do
I was on the inside, stuck on my self
Opinions, that all that mattered to me
Well that conversations ending
God is just beginning
God is just

And He will get you through it
I hope you find the time
We?re not about to lose it
I hope you?re feeling fine