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Willing to Be Weak lyrics

CD Title: Marks Of The Mission

Charles Billingsley

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If I were stronger
Would I see a reason
For trusting everything into your hand
Without this hunger
Would I believe in
A love my heart could barely comprehend

I never thought my brokenness could take me very far
But it's only through my weakness
that I see how strong you are?Now

I'm willing to be weaker
A faithful seeker of your heart
To know your healing
I will be broken an empty vessel in your arms
So if that is what it takes
To bring me to my knees Lord, I'm willing
I'm willing to be weak

When I consider
All I've been given
It's clear to me your ways are not like mine
So I surrender
This life that I'm living
Just to know a peace that you alone provide

Here, standing in the shadow of this mountain
I have faced I see your hand of mercy
but it's only by your grace?That


All I once considered gain
Now I count but loss
To know your resurrection power
I take up my cross