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Left of Nowhere lyrics

CD Title: Marks Of The Mission

Charles Billingsley

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I searched for wisdom in the books I read
Put my faith in the things that people said
No matter where I turned
It seemed I only learned
That life was a mystery

They said that peace was only found inside
The whole religion thing was just a made up lie
Just learn to meditate
And then eliminate
Thoughts of eternity

To find the truth it seemed so far away
But standing there, I called out His name

And He found me a little left of nowhere
And brought me somewhere in the middle of His mercy
And now I'm here to tell you that
He can find you there, even if there,
Is a little left of nowhere

Just like a pilgrim in a foreign land
I longed for things beyond what I could comprehend
Something deep inside
Kept the dream alive
To finally be set free

And in the midst of finding my own way
He stepped in and called out my name


Oh I knew that hope was waiting for me somewhere
Though I felt so all alone
Oh You said Your love would go anywhere and everywhere
To find and bring me back home