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Way Things Ought to Be lyrics

CD Title: Marks Of The Mission

Charles Billingsley

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Can you remember the day
When you could trust a man with what you had and what he'd say
Can you remember the time
When Godliness and honesty weren't so hard to find
Can you remember the time

How did we ever get here
What have we lost along the way
Why is it we still search for hope
When the answer's still the same

More love in every heart
Hearts who live for peace
More peace in every nation
Nations on their knees
People longing for forgiveness
And lives to be set free
Oh I believe
That's the way things ought to be

How long before we can see
That we have compromised our future living selfishly
How long before we return
To the foundation, we once built on, found in God's Holy word
Tell me how long

Oh can't you hear the voices of those
Who died to share their faith
And it echos thru the hallways of time
Calling us to do the same

Oh let us feel compelled
Oh let us feel this passion
Hunger that will bring us back to you
Back to the things we once knew