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Freed lyrics

CD Title: Marks Of The Mission

Charles Billingsley

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Too many to count yet
He took each one
Every sinful thing that I'd ever done
A lifetime of selfish living

With only a prayer he forgot each one
With a love that goes so far beyond
The realm of my own forgiving

Now I stand here so unworthy
Knowing that the cross should have been mine

He paid for all my sin with love
Who at the cost of His own blood
From earthly grave to heaven's throne
He took my burdens as His own
One spotless lamb, my sacrifice
My Savior's death to me meant life
He paid for all my sin with love
Love that has completely
Love that has forever
Freed me

The mercy He gives brings a lasting peace
All His strength and grace meets my every need
Enough just to keep believing

And I rest here within the glory
Of knowing I am His and He is mine


The weight of the cross brought Him to His knees
So I could stand forgiven and I could be set free