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Lovely Mausoleum lyrics

CD Title: Amplifier

Big Tent Revival

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Breakdown out on the town
What are you gonna do?
No fun out on the town
Where have you come to?

You know, you built a lovely mausoleum
for your soul

Outside everything's bright
Making it on your own
Inside rotten and dried
Nothin' but dead man's bones

Ain't it a shame, all of the world's a game
You can see everything circling down the drain
Ain't it a shame, all you've been fashionin'
Suddenly crashin' in
Surely you know, you built a lovely mausoleum

Sunrise open your eyes
When are you gonna see?
New day coming your way
What is it gonna be?

Your choice, your voice
You are in control
Jesus, Jesus
He will make you whole