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I Don't Know How lyrics

CD Title: Falling Forward

Margaret Becker

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Feels like it's all gone crazy
lying here tonight
Just can't work it out
And I wish that You were nearer now
So I could feel You by my side 'cause
I know You'll make it all right

And I don't know how
Anybody goes without something to believe in
I don't know why we do
And I don't know how
Anybody finds their way without something to believe in
I just know I need You

And I don't know what I'd do without You
Where I'd go
To find some kind of a peace
'Cause even when the night comes down
And I find it hard to breather
I still feel You're right here with me


And slipping through my curtains
Is a light coming off the street
Right now it's the only light I see
And even on the nights like this
When I'm driven to my knees
I run to You and I know
You cover me