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Paper Cup lyrics

CD Title: Riley Armstrong

Riley Armstrong

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An empty papercup blows across the road
Like it was late for work on the first day of spring
I'll just stay here sitting on the curb collecting dust
From all the years that the fever brings to mind
If I give it time I will recognize the outline of a heart
nothing more than styrofoam
It's not that strong weathered from hanging on to the
papercup full of dreams I live for

And there will come a day when the dreams might just blow away
That's when it all collided perfectly, oh can't you see that...

Somebody needs you, somebody wants you to care
He will be waiting patiently for you in the hour you just can't win

You just cant win
You just cant win

You just cant win

No no, when you just cant win
When you just cant win, no, when you just cant win