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Table lyrics

CD Title: Riley Armstrong

Riley Armstrong

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The table's where my father thanked the Lord for providing
The table's where he sat us down and told us to stop fighting
At the table there were tears, at the table there was laughter

The table's where my mother brought the fruits of her labors
We never did go hungry although there were times we were able
At the table love prevailed, at the table love was always there

I was always safe and warm
Sheltered from the sticks and stones
And although time passed by and we moved on
I will still pray Lord keep my family strong
Cause life out there isn't how life
Was around the table

The table's where my family shared the joys and the sorrows
Stories of the day and the goals for tommorow
At the table someone listened, at the table someone always cared

And I will never forget all the memories at the table
Holidays with relatives and coffee with the neighbors
At the table we were home, at the table we were never alone

Around the table we were one
Round the table we were fortunate to grow up
And as we ask to be excused we never will remove it from our hearts