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Sunray lyrics

CD Title: Riley Armstrong

Riley Armstrong

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Where else would it go
The sy is all it seemed to ever know
Caught up in the day
Quietly shines the day away

Maybe we'll cast another shadow
And measure the minutes by the hours
Build a bridge with the air
And breathe away the bons that hold us there

Keep the day awake, I dont want it to end
By the time orion rises, we'll be on the move again
Send a letter to tomorrow and let is say
That off the ocean blows inspiration with every warm sunray

Can't help but squint my eyes
The purpose only seems to magnify
I feel it in my bones
I see it and its blowing down the road

Maybe we'll run along the hilltops
And in the tall green grass we'll drop
At the clouds we'll stare
And see what pictures the clouds might bare

Sunray, sunray
And we'll give to all the people just the same
And we will never ever ever going to change