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You Take My Soul By Storm lyrics

CD Title: I Can Hear You

Carolyn Arends

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There?s an eerie stillness in my soul
A cold complacency
It?s been too long since I felt the Holy Ghost
Stirring in me
But I know it?s just the calm before the storm
Soon a light will pierce the dark
?Cause Almighty God you?ll move heaven and earth
To move my heart

Like the mighty winds of a hurricane
You?ll come rushing in when I call Your name
And let Your love come down
You take my soul by storm
Then I?ll feel Your Spirit moving me
And You?ll lift me up where I need to be
?Cause when Your love comes down
You take my soul by storm
You take my soul by storm

There?s a strange new fragrance in the air
The promise of sweet rain
I know it won?t be long till the force of Your love
Sweeps me away
Whenever I have let this distance grow
Between Your heart and mine
You have poured out Your Spirit on my thirsty soul
So I know this time