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I Can Hear You lyrics

CD Title: I Can Hear You

Carolyn Arends

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Leaky faucet dripping in the kitchen
Rubber squealing - watch out in the alley
Mr. Marley's probably later for work again
Birdie singing - telling me to get up

Such a soothing sound floating on the wind
I just keep listening
Funny how You speak to me
In such mysterious ways

I can hear You
I can hear You
It's so amazing how Your voice
Keeps breaking through
I can hear You

There's a church bell ringing out the hour
Like an old friend calling through my window
With the laughter of the children playing down below
You've got a way of getting my attention
In the rhythm of life, everywhere I go
Somehow You let me know
If I'll only stop to listen
You're in everything


I can hear You
I can hear You
I can hear You
I can hear You