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What Love Looks Like lyrics

CD Title: Seize the Day and Other Stories

Carolyn Arends

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Something's happening down by the shore
There is a blind man who is not blind anymore
Everybody's talking - how can this be?
A little mud, a gentle touch, and now he can see
He squints up at the light
And he wipes the tears away
And he whispers when he sees his healer's face

Oh - this is what love looks like
Oh - this is what love looks like
I never dreamed I would see such a sight
This is what love looks like.

There is no sorrow in all the world
Deep as a father's who has lost his little girl
He begs the healer - come to her side
A whispered word, the daughter stirs
And now she's alive
And over by the door
Her father stands amazed
And when he tells the story he will say


Well I have seen it too, in the ways a soul can see
When I doubt like Thomas all these things are shown to me
The nail prints in his hand, the wound deep in his side
The body has been broken but his arms are open wide