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One Fine Day lyrics

CD Title: If We Pray


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I live my life a mile a minute
Getting caught up in the rush
Lonely, broken, lost, I've been there
But that won't matter soon enough
In my mind I catch a vision of eternity
And how it's gonna be

He's coming back and I can't wait
I wanna see Jesus face to face
I believe it, I believe in
One fine day
He's gonna come shining through the clouds
Gonna come shout my name out loud
I believe it, I believe that
One fine day
He's coming back for me

I'm talking happy ever after
I'm talking twice upon a time
I know the only thing that matters
His heart is coming back for mine
I have found the peace and joy just imagining
I find my hope in Him

repeat chorus

I wanna be free enough to fly
I wanna be brave enough to try
I wanna be ready, 'cause I believe it's true
We'll be there together in love's sweet forever
I think of one fine day and I get carried away

repeat chorus