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The Call lyrics

CD Title: Call, The


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It was on a day like no other
Seeking Your face when I discovered
Mylife was no longer my own, but Yours
THen I heard You say, >Go and tell them
To open your heart, let Me in
And I will supply your every need<

Then I cried, >Lord, I don't know
If I can do it<
>You will find your strength in Me
Only believe< Then I said, >What if I fail?
I just oculdn't take it<
He siad, >I have given You My ability<

FOr the sake of the call
I am laying down my all
no turning back
Moving straight ahead
I'm o the right track
And it's all for the sake of the call

SIster, let me encourage you heart
Brother, leave doubt behind, stay your part
Know tha the's with you, yes He's there all the time