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Revolution lyrics

CD Title: All Together Separate

All Together Separate

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I see a mighty army that no one can destroy
They'll leave a trail of victory 'til judgment day
Then there comes a warning
calling soldiers to war
But half of them were sleeping,
the other half ignore

Why have we come here?
What lies in store?
Isn't this what we have all been waiting for?
Stand and be counted,
because one thing I know,
We all are soldiers in the revolution
of heart and mind and soul

The end of all your worrying,
we have all that we need
So stifle all your fear and complacency
Yeah, we walk through the valley
and we glow in the shadow of death
We don't march alone, no,
and life is too short to rest

Oh, I am convinced that the consequence of Your effort is eternity
And paradise remains for those who chose to claim His promise as reality

Nor death
Nor life
Nor angels
Nor principalities
Nothing present can separate us from His love