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CD Title: What Light Is All About


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May joy come in the morning
May the sparrow sing of it all day
May peace float down like an autumn leaf
Gather in piles for children to play

May forgiveness be an open field
May this be the land that I trod
May my soul be ever restless
'Till I find my rest in God

May the afternoon flow slow like the river
Wading in pools, and washing my feet
May sleep be fitful and dreams delightful
In waking to You, may my spirit be sweet

May the windows be wide open
To let the breezes blow through
May that wind be the very spirit
That lifts my prayers to You

May I always love You,
Always love You
May I always love You,

May my faith remain a mystery
Something so real that I cannot touch
May patience be as strong as silence
Praying You'll give me, give me this much

Let trust be a wild beast
The lion beside which I'll lie down
And He comes to me gently
A broken king with a royal crown


May our weeping turn to fits of laughter
May His pleasure be the treasure we're after
May hope take root like a mighty oak,

Bracing itself in the snow
Knowing Spring will come
The promised Son
Warming the earth, and letting us grow