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Indian Creek lyrics

CD Title: What Light Is All About


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There's snow on the mountain today
I just can't get high enough to feel it
Cause there ain't no straight path up to You
So You stoop down in this valley
You swim along with the stream
I'll dip my hands in the water
And feel them come clean

I'll hold my arms wide open to the One who really lets me in
I'll hold my arms wide open to Him

You'll find me past the south fork of Indian Creek
I'm trying to hide in these hills and let Him get to me
The silence here is so loud I can hear Him speak
Like a mist on this mountain He settles down,
And my soul is lost in getting found

I saw the stars tonight for the first time in weeks
Black velvet with a million diamonds all laid out for me
It's not like they haven't been shining, it's just that I didn't see
Till I caught the crooket road up and saw their reflection in the creek

I feel what light is all about when it cuts through my dark
I feel what light is all about when I hand Him my heart


In the summer, the thunder echoes, back and forth
The trees shake and bend in the storm
Just like me in Your mercy, just like me