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Growin' Up In The Lord lyrics

CD Title: Platinum


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I'm growin' up in the Lord
Oh I'm gettin' stronger; turnin' back no longer:
I'm growin' up in the Lord
I'm growin' up in the Lord

I make mistakes but that's part of growin' up
Part of growin' up in the Lord
His understanding is what I need the most,
I am staying close to His word

Sheltered from harm when I am safe in his arms
And I am learning to do His will
Hearing his call although I stumble and fall
I can get up and keep growing still


Now as I'm growin' I'm learning what to say,
Learning how to walk in the light
I'm made aware of the devil every day
Learning how to handle the fight

Tempted by wrong, He keeps me ready and strong
So I can handle the Tempter's snare
Jesus is mine and since he's there all the time
I am protected within His care


I'm growin' up in the, growin' up in the, I'm growin' up in the Lord