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I Can Walk lyrics

CD Title: Platinum


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I can walk! I can walk!
Since the day that I was born I had been lame
I can walk! I can walk!
I've been healed by the powr' of His precious holy name

I can see! I can see!
When the Savior touched my heart He lifted me
I can see! My eyes can see!
I've been changed by His powr' to be all that I can be

In the grave, In the grave
I was bounded by the shackles of the grave
In the grave, In the grave
I was dead in sin without his hand to save

I'm alive! I'm alive!
When He spoke my name from death I came alive
I'm alive! I'm alive!
With His healing hand I know I will survive

I never thought that such a brighter day could ever be
My eyes were blinded with darkness but right now I can see!
To know that the Father could care for me the way that He does
The world can't conceive (though how hard it tries) The way that He loves