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Hallelujah Glory lyrics

Scott Underwood

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Hallelujah glory (Hallelujah glory)
Hallelujah glory (Hallelujah glory)
To the Holy of Holies (To the Holy of Holies)
Hallelujah glory (Hallelujah glory)

Who was,
Who is,
Who is to come

Additional spontaneous lyrics:
Oh, amen. You guys are ready. Well let?s go meet with the Lord! ...
O Lord our love for You, it keeps changing every day.
But Yours for us never changes.
God, all the angels will gather around Your throne, Lord
Becausr they know who the King of kings is,
And who the Lord of lords is
And God we?re just beginning to know who You really are
But You?ve never changed, and Your love for us stays the same
Yes God, and that?s why we can sing Hallelujah glory!
To the King of Kings!

.. Who was and is to come ...