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True Love lyrics

David Ruis

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Added by Staff

Jesus I need to know true love
Deeper than the love found on earth
Take me into the King?s chamber
Cause my love to mature

Let me know the kisses of Your mouth
Let me feel Your warm embrace
Let me smell the fragrance of Your touch
Let me see Your lovely face
Take me away with You
Even so, Lord, come
I love You Lord
I love You more than life

My heart, my flesh yearn for You, Lord
To love You is all I can do
You have become my sole passion
Cause my love to be true

Additional spontaneous lyrics:
In the midst of worship the Lord?s starting to crack a lot of you.
The stuff John?s been sharing over the last couple of days: intimacy, and passion. It?s nothing to do with your personality, it really doesn?t.
We say let it come oh Lord, let it come. Yes, that?s right let it come.
Lord break us open
We sit at Your feet oh Lord. Yes oh Lord
Let it come, don?t resist it. Let it come
O let this place be filled with the perfume of a broken heart, broken by love.
For all who are thirsty, there?s water to drink
For all who are hungry, there?s sweet bread you can eat
For all who are hurting, there?s a God who will meet your need
For all who are lonely there?s a Friend that?s closer than brother
For all who are wandering, there?s a place of sweet rest
For all who are searching, there?s a home, there?s a home
It?s in the bosom of the Father
It?s in the sweet hands of His Son Jesus
It?s in the caress of the Spirit
And we say come, we say come to the feet of the Lord
Come to the feet of the Lord
Here I stand with my friends, Lord
Here we are in Your courts, Lord
We want to lift this prayer up to You, Lord
We want to lift this worship to You, Lord
Won?t You hear our cry this night, Lord
Would You let us know,
Would You let us know that place of intimacy Lord,
Let me know the kisses ...
You know you don?t stop worshipping now. You keep woshipping all through the preaching of the word, everything that goes on. All it is you?re just giving God all your attention. That?s what?s going on. John wants me to do Street that re Golden. I?ll do it. I had a picture:
I say an eye with a contact lens in it. And those of you who wear contact you know if that thing gets dry it gets really icky to wear. It?s not very comfortable. I feel like the Lord comes to us and He gives us vision and He gives us direction and He gives us eyes to see Him. It?s like a contact that He sticks on the natural eye. But some of your eyes are very very dry. The Lord wants to give you tears tonight. He wants to give you tears.
That doesn?t mean you?re going to fall on the floor and groan in repentance and confess every sin you ever had, although if you haven?t done that it?s probably a good idea. It?s not what that means.
There?s tears of joy, there?s tears of just happiness, just being in the Lord?s presence, there?s tears of healing, there?s tears of cleansing.
Lord I ask as we continue with this night You?d just let that be released. Some of you are wondering why you can?t see the next bend, or you?re just having such a hard time discerning what?s going on in your life. I think tears are connected to it somehow. It?s Gods way. If you?ve been resisting tears, just let it come, you don?t have to understand exactly what it?s all about or make it make sense or give you the picture as you move along. Lord I ask for that to be opened in this room. All through the entire evening, Lord. All through the rest of this week. Tears of joy, tears of feeling, tears of cleansing Lord. Yes, Lord.