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Little did I know lyrics

Don Potter

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Little did I know,
if I confessed my sin I'd be free.
Little did I know,
if I asked you in my life, I'd believe
Little did I know,
the only hope I'd ever have,
would be Jesus, and the little that I know
Little did I know,
I'd be struggling just to walk in your light.
Little did I know,
worshiping you would be a fight.
Little did I know
following you would take my very life,
well that's a small price, for the little that I know,
I know you're God, I know you're Lord,
I know you paid a price that I could not afford
I know you're coming back again, riding on a charger,
and racing through the clouds above,
But what I need most to know, is Your love,
Little did I know,
I could never learn to love without You
Little did I know,
without love I'd be frustrated in all the things I do
Little did I know,
accepting you would bring acceptance too,
the man you see, and the little that he knows