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Friend Like You lyrics

Mike Weaver - Big Daddy Weave

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I woke up this morning, And looked out my window
I could see the sun shining down on me
It reminded me of You, And of all that You do
And of all the love that You've shown to me

Your mercy oh Lord is new every morning
Your wisdom is waiting for me to ask
Though I might stumble, Though I lose my step now
Your grace is gonna cover what I lack

Thank You Lord, Oh thank You Lord
I am so thankful for a friend like You

Jesus Your love is better than life to me
Your goodness is always by my side
And why you love me is hard for me to see
But I love you Lord cause You've been so good to me

Though I may never be a scholar with a fancy degree
One thing I know for sure is that I love You
And You love me Lord