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Halleulah To Your Name lyrics

Jereco Natan

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Cytrif</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

Early in the morning
I praise Your Name
I seek Your face
And know Your will
Throughout the day

And late in the night
I stay in Your presence
What a joy it brings
Refreshing keeps flowing
Throughout my soul

Chorus :
I lift my voice
Sing out my praise
Pour my heart as I worship you alone

Let me touch Your grace
Let me feel Your embrace
As I cry, halleluiah to Your name
( La la la la la la la la )

Bridge : (Rap)
Every morning when I rise
I lift my eyes up high
The sun will shine from east
My praise will come no rest
There?s great joy in my heart
That no one can explain
It comes from Your presence
No one can contain

It refreshes my soul
And make me new and whole
Like a mighty river flow
Carry me where it goes
Your love will always bring me
To the place where you will see me
I will sing now halleluiah
And no one can stop me