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Because of Love, I am Free lyrics

Courtney Aaserude

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Courtney Aaserude</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

You saw beyond my venial sin,
You looked strait into my heart,
Just when I thought I would never win,
And I felt all torn apart.

I was trapped within malefic walls,
I was lost inside a storm,
I felt you catch me from my eternal fall,
You removed the ice and made me warm.

And now I see,
It's so clear to me,
That without you I was nothing but a breeze
But now you're here,
And I am strong,
With you I can move mountains,
With you I can be free.

I can stand taller than Olympus,
I can dance with the wind,
I can sing the song of angels,
With you there is no end.
I can ride chariots of fire,
I can part the oceans wide,
Because you rendered love on me,
I give you myself; whatever you decide.
Because you love me,
That makes me free.

My soul was stripped and shattered,
My mind was confused and lost,
You picked up the pieces and showed me what matters,
You bought me back at the highest cost.

You held me as my body shook,
You wiped the tears when I cried,
The pain that possesed me; you took,
Now I live because you died.

And now I'm home,
With streets of gold,
And all that is, and all that was; is in your hands.
I am at peace,
I'm not afraid,
My will is yours, whatever it is; I surrender to you grace.

I can feed the hungry nations,
I can cure all descease,
I can fight the battle for Heaven,
Because you love me.
I can ride the tornado,
I can command the hurricane,
I can grasp lightning,
And bathe in the rain,
My soul is yours for saving,
My body; yours for the taking,
Because you love me,
That makes me free.

You heard me scream,
And surrendered your crown,
Replaced it with thorns,
Your blood you poured down.

You pierced your hands,
And pegged your feet,
You lived to die, forsaken alone,
So that I could come home.

I can shake the solid Earth,
I can break open canyons,
I can walk on violent seas,
Because you love me.
I can posses the universe,
I can stand on the sun,
I can capture the stars,
I can fly on wings of mercy,
Because you love me.

I can capriole on the moon,
I can sing with Cygnus,
I can laugh with the galaxies,
I can mentor cherubim,
I can face my giants,
I can tame demons,
I can

I am never alone,
Because you love me....
I am not afraid,
Because you love me....
I can truly live,
Because you love me,
And that makes me free....
Because of love, I am free..........