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Nearer Than Before lyrics

Jim Cowan

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Thanks to <strong>Chris Tang</strong> for requesting these lyrics.

Lord, take the blindness from my eyes,
All my arrogance and pride,
Fill my vision with your light.
Lord, take the deafness from my ears;
When I'm dull and slow to hear,
Help me recognize your voice.

Lord, draw me nearer than before;
Everyday I long for more of you
To know and see your face.
Lord, draw me deeper into prayer;
Everyday I want to meet you there.
Just to spend my life with you.

Lord, take the darkness from my mind;
When confusion makes me blind,
Come renew me with your truth.
Lord, take the hardness from my heart.
Roll away the stony part;
Fill me with a love that's true


Lord, take the blindness from my eyes.
Take the deafness from my ears,
Take the darkness from my mind,
Take the hardness from my heart.