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What Would I Do? lyrics

CD Title: Janna

Janna Long

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I was so lost
For what seemed a lifetime
My heart was broke inside and bruised
But I prayed a prayer and just at the right time
You reached for me, as I reached for You
Now everything's changed here, everything's new
And it's all because of You

What would I do, who would I be
Without the love that You sent down for me?
What would I say, and where would I go
Without the hope and the promise I know?
No other cure, no remedy
What would I do?
Where would I go?
Who would I be?

I stand amazed
And I stand a miracle
I am a picture of Your sweet love
You are my life and You're my heart beating, yes
And I love You, Lord, just because
Now everything's beautiful, everything is true
And it's all because of You


Oh, keep pullin' my wonderin' heart closer, oh, yes
Oh, and Lord, I'll say it all over and over and over again
Tell me now...