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Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry lyrics

Relient K

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A big thank you goes out to <strong>Julie</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

ok. so, who doesnt own a cellphone?
who brought back their permission slips,
because i know nobody wants to stay home
while the rest of us go out and make a day of it.

cuz theme parks are so much more fun when the suns outside,
and i lost my phone to the lake beneath the batman ride.

theyre starting sumthing and i dont want to begin it,
theyre lookin for trouble but with me it wont be found
and i regret that im completely out of daytime minutes,
and so i guess i'll have to wait till 8 o'clock comes around.

ok. so, who doesnt own a cell phone?
well i dont need to ask my friends
because i know, mine was fastened to my jawbone,
thanks to all those nights and weekends

(pre-chorus and chorus)

when it comes to relationships (I'm the dubest one)
and i dont mean just with girls (i mean with everyone)
your illustrations always point out whats wrong with me,
it's chapstick and chapped lips and things like chemistry.

can i relate to you the way you relete to me?
can you help me out with my chemistry?
i dont want to be percieved the way i am,
i just wanna be percieved the way i am.