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Walk With Me [Renna's Song] lyrics

CD Title: A Different Man

Clay Crosse

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I can see it in your eyes
I can read it on your face
You need a place to fall

'Cause underneath that smile
You're so far away
But I can still hear you call

At the end of the day
You let go of some tears
You think nobody cares

But there's a place to bear your soul
A place to rest your fears
Let me take you there, baby

Walk with me, talk with me
Tell me what you're feeling
Come with me, just believe
There's a place that we can go
Walk with me, talk with me
You can let your feelings show

Now I can't change the past
Well you know that if I could
That's something I would do

But I'll give you all my heart
All that's in my soul
I give myself to you, baby


Whatever road you're going down
Honey I'm asking you to turn around
And feel these arms
They're reaching out to you